11/4/2017, Cassandra & Ramon

After some last minute changes to the original plan, this determined couple made their special day happen with a weeks notice for the wedding day venue. Discarding the first two venues the couple chose, locals Cassandra and Ramon ended up sealing the deal at a private bayside home in Islamorada. The one and one quarter […]

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11/4/2017, Karina & Richard

Taken place at Dolphin Point Villas, located in Key Largo, Karina and Richard sealed their love with a kiss by the sea. Their white and deep ocean blue themed wedding was simple yet elegant while celebrating next to the Florida Keys waters. These locals spent the special night surrounded by family and friends with their […]

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10/07/2017, Lisa & Hendrick

Saved by the Planner & Vendors Lisa and Henrick’s special day took place only a month after Hurricane Irma made landfall in the Florida Keys. The private venue in Islamorada where they were scheduled to host their wedding was hit pretty hard by the storm. The venue worked day in and day out to get […]

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09/03/2017, Jenna & Alex

Only an hour and a half south of their hometown, The Key Largo Marriott Beach Resort was the perfect venue for Jenna and Alex. It provided this Miami couple and their guests a destination-style wedding without the inconvenience of typical destination travel time and expenses. Jenna added her own personal island touch with her handcrafted […]

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06/21/2017, Kristine & Michael

The Florida Keys are known for their strong Summer winds and hot Summer days but on this special day the wind brought in shears of happiness and the fire of love brought the heat to this intimate Wedding in the beautiful islands of the Florida Keys. A staple house in Islamorada Florida ocean side brought […]

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04/22/2017, Ashley & Cayne

This springtime boho themed wedding took place at the Sea Ranch in Islamorada, Florida. These two Florida Keys locals took advantage of the perfect outdoor venue to celebrate their special day. The subtle color choices inspired by fresh picked greenery complimented the rustic wood table and tree trunk alter. Intertwining nature with the wedding decor […]

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03/04/2017, MC & Brandon

MC walked onto the beach property at Pierre’s in Islamorada and knew at that moment it was exactly where she was going to have her fairytale sunset island wedding. A romantic weekend with a whimsical theme and tropical setting had a great balance between simple and elegant with plenty of greenery, light touches of blue […]

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02/18/2017, Jessica & Gregory

    A historic apartment in the lower east side of New York City is home to Jessica and Greg, the bride and groom of this unearthed inspired vintage beach wedding. Their love for nature and the island’s natural elegance brought them out of the city and here to the beautiful Florida Keys. The three […]

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02/11/2017, Amanda & Mike

Amanda and Mike turned their special day into a tropical paradise with over the top bouquets and extravagant flower chandeliers. The wedding took place at the Key Largo Lighthouse in the Florida Keys. Surrounded by the vibrant colors, the sandy beach, and salty sea, the night was all tied together by ending it off with a picture perfect […]

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02/12/2017, Isabel & Dean

Two cyclists, Isabel and Dean, sealed the deal in the beautiful Florida Keys by pedaling their way down the aisle at the Postcard Inn, Islamorada. The guests had their toes in the sand as the bride and groom said ‘I do’ at the alter, with the ocean as the backdrop of this intimate destination wedding.   Planner: Keys […]

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